NEWS — 05 March 2014

SFX Entertainment is perhaps the most influential EDM company on the market.  Since its inception the company has acquired companies as ID&T, Beatport, Life In Color, iMotion, Made Event, MMG, Q-Dance, b2s, and more. Last month the company announced plans to buy out React Presents which is a major Midwest event and festival producer.  In December 2013, SFXE announced the acquisition of Paylogic and in October 2013 the company launched its IPO which was valued at around $13.  Due to a continuous policy of company and content acquisition, SFXE stock currently reflects the instability that such acquisitions bring to the management of the company.  SFXE stock is now trading slightly below $9.  The drop in price presents an outstanding opportunity for investors as SFXE is a stock to watch out for.  There exists a high probability that the company will stabilize its acquisitions and deliver tremendous revenue from events like Electric Zoo, Tomorrowland, Sensation, Mysteryland, Decibel Outdoor Festival, Thrillogy, Pussy Lounge, Hard Bass, as well as events at LIV night club in Las Vegas.  The greatest challenge to SFXE is to properly manage the conglomerate of companies that are part of it.  Drug use at events is another serious issue that the company has to address as the previous Electric Zoo event was ended prematurely by authorities due to drug use.


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