FMLYBND – Hearts on Fire EP

California based FMLYBND continues not to disappoint with their above average catchy productions.  The Hearts on Fire EP consists of 5 songs:  Gold Necklace, Space & Time, Hearts on Fire, Phoenix, and Land of the Rising [...]

Bleeding EP (Stil Vor Talent)

Stil Vor Talent or Style Before Talent delivers another attention grabbing release by the name of “Bleeding EP” from Dan Caster.  Track 1 on the EP “Bleeding” featuring Benjamin Franklin possesses musical elements reminiscent of Hot [...]

Fanciful Stories EP (Inside Out Records)

London based underground record label Inside Out Records is back with another quality EP by the name of “Fanciful Stories,” from Cumiks. The release contains the Original Mix, Stevie R & Ian Mckenzie, and Alex Zed [...]

Sandro Silva & Junkie Kid “Miraj” [DOORN (Spinnin)]

Highly catchy release in the Electro House genre from Sandro Silva & Junkie Kid by the name of “Miraj.”  At the outset “Miraj” introduces excitement and pumping melodies that further develop into a climax of trumpet [...]

Jetfire – African Dreams (Oxygen)

Newly established Israeli EDM duo “Jetfire” composed of Itay Kalderon and Zohar Bartov unveiled a massive release by the name of  African Dreams on Oxygen Records (a division of Spinnin’ Records).  African Dreams has African sounding [...]

Martin Buttrich & Mousse T “Session 1” (Desolat)

One of our favorite labels, Desolat, is poised to release “Session 1” from two legendary producers:  Martin Buttrich & Mousse T!  The release will be out in less than 2 weeks, on Monday, October 14.  First [...]

Stafford Brothers – Are You Ready (Neon Records)

Neon Records dropped a noteworthy release from the Stafford Brothers who are currently based in Los Angeles, USA and not that long ago issued an exclusive interview to Dancepush following their collaboration with Lil Wayne and [...]

Sebb Aston “Love Somebody Else” EP

Love Not Money Records has released a great sounding 5 track “Love Somebody Else” EP from Sebb Aston.  The Original Mix of “Love Somebody Else” is full of deep house vibe, vocals, and melody.  Luke Pompey’s [...]

Things I Do (Stil Vor Talent)

Stil Vor Talent (Style Before Talent) has unveiled another quality release.  Spain’s Edu Imbernon features the vocals of Sutja Gutierrez in the song “Things I Do.”  The release contains 3 versions: the Original Mix, Teenage Mutants [...]

Nyma – ‘Flip Side EP’ (Desolat Records)

Desolat Records is back with a 5 track EP debuting from Nyma by the name of “Flip Side.”  Track 1 “R.I.P.” presents echo sounding vocals and sounds like an introduction rather than a full blown track. [...]