Exclusive Interview with Daniel Wanrooy!

A majority of his releases have been on the legendary Black Hole Recordings.  His discography contains the likes of Betsie Larkin, Andain, Andy Moor, Airwave, Binary Finary, Super 8 & Tab among others.  Daniel Wanrooy is [...]

Exclusive Interview with D-Unity!

In 2013, D-Unity debuted on Dancepush with his release of “El Dragon” EP, and is scheduled to release a number of remixes for the label throughout 2014.  With releases on labels like Universal Music, Toolroom, Yoshitoshi, [...]

Exclusive Interview with Carlos Manaca!

Carlos Manaca started DJing at his native Portugal in 1986. In the early 1990’s his releases were signed to major global labels like Twisted America, making him one of the first Portuguese to be signed with [...]

Exclusive Interview with Maya Simantov!

Maya Simantov perhaps already sealed the legacy of being Israel’s pioneer internationally recognized dance music diva.  Her debut dance album “First Time” on Star 69 Records is highly regarded as one of Israel’s all time best [...]

Exclusive Interview with The Flash Brothers!

The Flash Brothers composed of three brothers by the name of Ilan, Shmuel, and Reuven Flaishler, have had a significant contribution to the EDM scene in their native Israel and worldwide since their career began in [...]

Exclusive Interview with Sandra Falga!

According to Esquire magazine she is considered one of 6 sexiest Spanish women.  She did modeling for the likes of DKNY and Calvin Klein.  In 2012 she appeared in two video clips for Armada Music.   [...]

Exclusive Interview with The Stafford Brothers!

The Stafford Brothers composed of  real life brothers,  Matt & Chris Stafford have ranked as #1 DJ’s in their native Australia.  Ever since moving to Los Angeles, The Stafford Brothers have held a number of prestigious [...]

Exclusive Interview with Amir Abbasi!

Atlanta based director Amir Abbasi who has directed the video for the song “Flutes” by Sasha & Hot Chip among other works, took the time to answer questions for Dancepush.  Abbasi gave an insider’s account into [...]

Exclusive Interview with Virtual Vault!

Hailing from a place that gave the world the likes of  Tiësto, Ferry Corsten, Armin van Buuren and more.  Virtual Vault is another addition among many to Netherland’s long tradition of contribution and influence in Electronic Dance [...]

Exclusive Interview with Raz Nitzan!

Almost every song where this man is involved in, turns into an instant hit.  He is perhaps the most influential songwriter in Electronic Dance Music.  His collaborations include the likes of Armin Van Buuren, Blank & [...]