ALBUMS — 19 January 2016

Interstellaires the latest studio album from the monumental Mylène Farmer foments another piece of quality to an already colorful career.  The album consists of 11 tracks and is the singer’s 10th studio album.  “C’est Pas Moi” or Track 4 on the album is perhaps the catchiest from the entire album.  The song starts with nice sounding pop beats in combination with rock sounding elements.  Then at around 19 seconds, the beautiful vocals of  Mylène Farmer are unleashed.  Mylène Farmer vocals automatically create a sophisticated sounding mood.  The song then develops into a deeper dimension at around 55 seconds.  Then at around 2:25 into the song insatiable melodic elements emerge.  These melodic elements are beautiful and not over stressed at all.  As a result the listener is tempted to listen to the song over and over again. Her collaboration with Sting “Stolen Car” or Track 2 on the album is another attention grabber.  The two artists from opposite worlds in terms of geography and gender create a wonderful musical arrangement.  Mylène Farmer music has always been top notch.  The album is beautifully produced.  This album adds further to an already wonderful discography and career.  Dancepush gives Mylène Farmer a 9.5/10!


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