NEWS — 14 April 2016

Is Beatport about to collapse?  There have been troubling signals from the highly regarded EDM digital platform Beatport. Ever since its parent company SFX Entertainment declared bankruptcy in early 2016 the site has experienced great instability.   This reality prompted some to speculate that Beatport is about to collapse. The Beatport platform has stopped to efficiently update its weekly new release modules.  In deviation from its norm of updating new release modules on a weekly basis, Beatport is updating new release modules content with delays.  It has also become apparent to careful observers that the Beatport platform is mismanaged as of late.  Not that long ago Beatport froze payments to record labels due to its parent company’s demise.  Beatport is expected to be auctioned in May 2016.  Unconfirmed reports from label managers and distribution networks suggest that Beatport staff have become highly unresponsive to phone calls or emails.  This reality led some observers to speculate that Beatport cut a number of its staff or stopped paying salaries to its staff.  On top of this instability Beatport introduced Beatport Pro with mobile streaming, a platform that has not really managed to pick up a following on the level of Spotify or Apple Music.  Beatport’s work output can be categorized as doing enough to survive or present the illusion that things are under control.  Nonetheless, the drastic reduction in updates for new release modules on the main page of the site and respective genres signal a cause for concern.  The labels and fans are staying loyal to Beatport despite visible instability in its management and platform.  It remains to be seen what will happen to Beatport after it is auctioned next month.  Any miscalculated move could potentially plummet Beatport further toward the likes of MySpace.


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