EP'S MUSIC REVIEWS — 20 January 2016

California based FMLYBND continues not to disappoint with their above average catchy productions.  The Hearts on Fire EP consists of 5 songs:  Gold Necklace, Space & Time, Hearts on Fire, Phoenix, and Land of the Rising Sun.  Phoenix starts with hard guitar sounding notes or chords, accompanied by softer melodies followed by another set of hard sounding guitar sounds.  Around 17 seconds into the track the beat is dropped where the guitar sounding melody is showcased.  At this time drums are pumped simultaneously with other beats.  At around 33 seconds into the song beautiful male vocals are heard with lyrics that actually make sense.  Some drama is created for a number of seconds 1:13 into the song and then the beautiful guitar melody continues to dominate the song. Into the late 1:30 somewhat seconds the song returns to the sounds that it started with.  Only in this segment new vocals emerge afterward.  The production becomes really indescribable as sounds cannot really be conveyed via written descriptions.  Phoenix as a song is of a complex production and definitely not monotonous.  That means that its a song that will be played over again.  Land of the Rising starts with beautiful melody followed by vocals from perhaps the same male vocalist as from Phoenix.  The confusion to the identity of the vocalist for the unfamiliar listener stems from the fact that at times it sounds like there is more than one vocalist singing at the same time, and the fact that there are a number of male members in the band.  Land of the Rising has a moody vibe to it due to the dub sounding elements throughout the production.  Space & Time  introduces its own unique easy flowing vibe.  The production is marvelously crafted.  At around 2:47 a break occurs followed by an energizing drop at around 2:55 that manages to invigorate the entire song until it ends.  Gold Necklace was actually released as a single release before the 5 track Hearts on Fire EP.  Most likely Gold Necklace is the most stand out song from the entire EP.  Hearts on Fire after which the 5 track EP is named has retro sounding vibes in combination with easy flowing melody.  At around 1:27 into the song, some serious energy is generated.  FMLYBND Hearts on Fire EP is a release not to be missed for those who love alternative sounding music with contemporary beats.  From its inception FMLYBND has introduced amazing sounding music and with this EP the high quality reputation maintains.  Dancepush gives this release a 9.5/10!


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