According to Esquire magazine she is considered one of 6 sexiest Spanish women.  She did modeling for the likes of DKNY and Calvin Klein.  In 2012 she appeared in two video clips for Armada Music.   She appeared in many films and television commercials.  Dancepush had the privilege to shoot some questions at this Barcelona based model, actress, and TV presenter.  Meet:  Sandra Falga!


If our information is correct, you began modeling at a very young age.  Did your parents start your modeling career?  How did it all start?

-Yes, my parents have an American car company.  They work in television making films, television commercials, and video clips.

Since childhood I have been involved in this creative world and I slowly been making a place in it.   Since then I dedicated myself to  modeling, and I’m starting some facets as an actress.

What was your first professional assignment?

– It was a for a catalog of clothing from the brand  “Quelle.”

Esquire magazine put Sandra Falga in a list of 6 sexiest Spanish women.  What was your reaction to this news?

-My reaction was something like WHAT?  I was super happy to be among one of the 6 sexiest Spanish girls.

How do you maintain your shape and form?  What advice would you recommend for the general public to stay healthy?

– I have been fortunate to have those genes, practically there is little I have to do but always exercise to stay fit and eat healthy.  When I have free time, usually I go run two or three times a week.

In the Perfumes Club television commercial where you open a door and then a box of perfume, it’s amazing how surprised you were by the apparent gift.  Your surprised reaction was very natural even though you were acting.  How did you get into acting?

-Well actually I feel very comfortable in front of the cameras, normally the director tells you a little bit of what you do and then you put the idea in your head and I try to make it as real as I can.

The prior year you appeared in two video clips for Armada Music.  One video was with Antillas & Blinders feat. Jenson Vaughan “Top Of The World.” The second video was with The Scumfrog feat. Sting “If I Ever Lose My Faith.”  How did you get to work with Armada?

– First time I got to work with Armada Music was when Svenno the director contacted me for the Antillas video.   For the Scumfrog featuring Sting video its a very popular song that I had heard before and to act in the video was special for me, I think I’ll never forget the time we spent in Ibiza.


The “Top Of The World” video has two individuals of opposite sex walking naked in the streets.  You were one of those individuals walking naked. What concept and message do you think this video tried to convey?

– We were not naked.  I wore a swimsuit.
It was the way to get some attention, we wanted something different that people would get the message that we wanted to convey. “The world sometimes doesn’t see you, but there will always be someone who is like you and who can accompany you on the way you are.”

What were the challenges in making the “Top Of The World” video?

– Maybe walking about the streets of Barcelona with a swimsuit.

Can you talk more about The Scumfrog featuring Sting “If I Ever Lose My Faith”?

– This video was shot in Ibiza in its wonderful coves, Ibiza is one of my favorite places. To shoot the video in Ibiza was the most intriguing, four days of shooting and different each day with new adventures.


You did television reporting for sports and also worked with Fashion TV.  Please tell us about your work on television?

– My work as a reporter I really like, I feel very comfortable working for television and transmitting real-time to the people. I like to improvise when I’m in front of the camera, there are always some tense moments but there are also really funny moments and these are the ones that I keep.

What do you do on your leisure time?

– I spend time on promotion in my profiles: web, facebook, twitter etc
I’m with my family, that’s the most important for me.  I will run.   I relax on the beach, and walk.

There is a question of nature versus nurture in psychology.  Do you believe your love for art was nurtured from an early age due to your artistic surroundings or were you born predisposed to a strong affinity for art and creative talent?

-Art for me is very important. Art for me is to create, capture the best of the moment and transmit what you feel in this instant.  You can see art in everything however smaller.  I’ve always had something special with art, is really what makes me feel alive, is to create something unique. “Art lives in me since childhood” and I really appreciate it.

You have your own online shop that currently has two shirts, one for men and one for women.  What inspired you to design these shirts the way you designed them?

– This is so funny, people started asking me for signed pictures of me and thought it would be a good idea to design some T-shirts with some of my photos.  I hope in a future to have my own clothing style and brand.

What were your main challenges in creating these products?

– To pick the photo that would be the most marketable.

Are you planning on expanding the variety of shirts and other merchandise?

– Not yet, I have to be aware of other projects, but perhaps in the future.

What is the main motivation and driving force for your work?

– Its  very simple, I love what I do and I work on what I like. That’s all :)





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