Crisp from her catchy collaboration with internationally recognized Yahel with the song “Creatures” on Paul Oakenfold’s Perfecto Fluoro label, Liya Trebitch is a vocalist  and lyricist that cannot go unnoticed.  Dancepush had the privilege to squeeze a few answers out of Liya about “Creatures,” Yahel, her past and upcoming work!



How were you introduced to Yahel?

I got to know Yahel through Rami Shapira aka Chakra who told me that Yahel was looking for female singers. I immediately jumped on this opportunity and got in touch with Yahel…He listened to my songs which are inspired by genres such Darkwave/New wave…He was hooked by one of the songs by the name of “Creatures” and the rest is history :)

Who wrote the lyrics for “Creatures” and can you talk about the song?

I wrote the lyrics to Creatures..It’s actually about specific kind of men (Surprisingly ;) ) who well Are very far from knowing how to behave and the word Creatures just seems to describe them perfectly :)

How did you feel when you found out that “Creatures” would be out on Perfecto Fluoro with the touch of the legendary Paul Oakenfold and Yahel?

When I heard that our track is going to be signed at Perfecto Fluoro, I was truly excited to know that they loved our track as much as Me and Yahel..Later when I was told that Paul Oakenfold will be remixing the track I was so honored and glad.  I thought it would be perfect and he did an amazing job on the Remix.

When did you start making music?

I started composing music from an early age..playing on my family’s piano and also learning classical music.  Later on I realized that music is my dream and so I worked towards making it my career.

Are you working on anything new now and what are your upcoming productions?

Yahel and I are working on new music all the time..You can now listen to another new track of ours in Yahel’s Superset 3 a track called “Nowhere.”

Check out “Creatures” on Beatport!




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