A majority of his releases have been on the legendary Black Hole Recordings.  His discography contains the likes of Betsie Larkin, Andain, Andy Moor, Airwave, Binary Finary, Super 8 & Tab among others.  Daniel Wanrooy is part of a pool of highly influential EDM producers hailing from The Netherlands. Dancepush had the privilege to ask Daniel a number of questions about his upcoming productions, plans, and other topics.

Daniel, you had an amazing 2013 in terms of original productions, remixes, and touring. Some weeks ago you were in Miami. How was your trip and what is your new year resolution?

Yes, 2013 was really great indeed! I always love the states, feels like coming home. And I can’t go to Florida this year for WMC because of a conflict of scheduling with an upcoming gig, so that’s why I decided to go. The weather was great and the beaches where amazing as usual! I don’t believe that much in new years resolutions to be honest. It’s always easy to say “from next week I am going to lose weight, so let’s go to McDonald’s today.” Making a lot of music is definitely one of the goals though :)

How did Daniel Wanrooy launch his career in EDM?

I can say the career really started after Tiësto discovered me and my former music partner, back in 2007. He chose 2 of our tracks for his massive In Search Of Sunrise 4 compilation. After that he took us on his tour after he selected another track for his In Search Of Sunrise 5 compilation and asked us to do an album for Black Hole Recordings.

Why do you think so many successful EDM producers and DJ’s are from the Netherlands?

Dance music is very popular here for a few decades already. Tiësto, Armin Van Buuren and Ferry Corsten are here from the early days, all from Holland they inspired a lot of other younger producers back in the days to become the same as their heroes. That’s how it went with me as well. I was listening to their music 24/7 and wanted to try to do the same. Now a newer generation like Hardwell, Afrojack and Nicky Romero inspires a whole new generation again.

There was a very successful track which was produced by you under the alias Progression, called “Different Day, Different Night,” why did you have that moniker Progression? What is the story behind it?

Yes, that was also the title of our album. This track was featured on In Search Of Sunrise 6 by Tiësto. I used to work with my former music partner under the name Progression like I mentioned earlier. It went well, but at a certain moment I was doing most of the work to be honest and I think I was a bit more ambitious. As you see with a lot of duo’s it didn’t go that well anymore after we became more successfull.
The great thing is that you can experience the gigs and the success together. You can finally talk with someone how that gig really was. If you are alone on stage, you can never share that moment with people who weren’t behind the decks, absolutely a magical feeling. The other side is that you both have to put the same effort in it, otherwise you will get friction, no matter what. After we decided not to move on, I started again under my own name.

Your tracks like 5 of them were featured on Tiesto’s “In Search of Sunrise” compilations, how did it feel to be a part of such compilations? Did you notice any visible benefits in terms of exposure or fan feedback?

The feedback was huge! After the tour we got a lot of gigs and gig requests. Sounds really old, but about 6 years ago there wasn’t not much social media, so it was more fanmail and replies on our guestbook on the website. Yes, we had a guestbook…
How did it feel to be selected to mix the prestigious “In Trance We Trust” series and what factors do you think made them choose you?
That was really nice to do, my own CD compilation. I wrote certain tracks especially for that compilation and I got some exclusives from friends in the scene.

Not that long ago you had your artist album on Black Hole Recordings called “Slice of Life,” please talk about this album and what you hoped to accomplish with it?

Yes that was my latest album. It was amazing, I learned a lot during the process. I mastered the album with Dennis Waakop Reijers, the producer of a lot of Tiësto’s big tracks like flight 643, Lethal Industry and more. We also produced 2 tracks together for the album. The highlight was my trip to Los Angeles to shoot the music video for Stay In The Moment. The collaboration with USA Idols finalist Blake Lewis.

How did the collaboration with Blake Lewis happen and tell us more behind the scenes details about the production and the video shoot?

I first wrote the track for another singer, but the management wanted a ridiculous amount of money in advance after the track was finished. So obviously we had to turn that offer down. Black Hole Recordings found another singer, which was Blake Lewis. I was really happy when I heard he was interested. I sent him the instrumental right away and the vocals he sent back were amazing. After I got the vocals I went into the studio with Dennis Waakop Reijers and we arranged the track to how it is.
After I got back from Winter Music Week in Miami I spoke with Black Hole Recordings about doing a music video and a few weeks later I stayed a week with Blake Lewis to do the video and some serious partying! The director was an LA based producer, he made the whole scenario and it turned out to be really cool!

You are having a collaboration with Joop, please talk about the release and how you met Joop?

We spent time in the studio yes, he stayed here for a weekend and we finished our track “Source Selected,” we signed it at Laidback Luke’s label Mixmash under the Ones To Watch imprint. We are working on 2 other songs which will be finished soon and we will release them later this year.

What are your other upcoming plans and releases?

Well first release will be the one at Mixmash. I finished a track with Leon Bolier, we just signed that on a really big label and we are about to finish the other one. For the rest I finished a few tracks myself which I am signing as we speak.


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