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Dancepush Expands Cooperation with Giona Guidi

Following months of negotiations, Dancepush has signed a track by the name of Fragrance from Giona Guidi and Masquerade & A’Dam.  Giona Guidi first appeared on Dancepush via a license from Star 69 Records with his remix [...]

Dancepush in Negotiation with D-Unity

Dancepush entered into negotiations with Canada’s and internationally recognized Techno and Tech House master D-Unity.  The discussions see Dancepush acquiring rights to 4 additional tracks from the producer and DJ.  In 2013, D-Unity debuted on Dancepush with [...]

Lissat & Voltaxx Debut on Dancepush!

Germany based and internationally recognized superstars Lissat & Voltaxx released their first set of remixes on Dancepush to Pete Tha Zouk’s & Mitch LJ’s “Monsoon.”  Lissat & Voltaxx first caught global attention when they remixed the [...]

Pete Tha Zouk & Mitch LJ To Debut On Dancepush!

Next month Pete Tha Zouk & Mitch LJ debut with “Monsoon” featuring Robbie Wulfsohn on Dancepush.  With close to half a million Facebook fans, Pete Tha Zouk has enjoyed the status of being Portugal’s #1 DJ [...]

Star 69 Greatest Hits Vol. 1 OUT NOW!

Star 69 Records continues the legacy of its founder Peter Rauhofer with the recent launch of a compilation series by the name of  “Star 69 Greatest Hits.”  The compilation is out exclusively at Beatport and is [...]

Offer Nissim feat. Maya “Searching” Remix hits #61 on Beatport’s House Top 100!

Offer Nissim feat. Maya “Searching” remix via a license from Star 69 Records from Spain’s DJ Suri and Chris Daniel hits Beatport House Top 100 chart and is currently #61!  The remix contains very strong lyrics [...]

Peter Rauhofer Greatest Hits!

Dancepush has obtained the cover art to an upcoming compilation series from Star 69 Records dedicated to its founder Peter Rauhofer.  The compilation by the name of “Peter Rauhofer Greatest Hits Vol. 1” will showcase the [...]

Offer Nissim, Maya “Searching” Remix!

Dancepush is set to release an official remix from Spain’s DJ Suri & Chris Daniel to Offer Nissim feat. Maya “Searching” classic.  In 2005, the original mix of “Searching” from Star 69 Records entered Billboard Top [...]

Exclusive Interview with Maya Simantov!

Maya Simantov perhaps already sealed the legacy of being Israel’s pioneer internationally recognized dance music diva.  Her debut dance album “First Time” on Star 69 Records is highly regarded as one of Israel’s all time best [...]

Star 69 to launch Peter Rauhofer Classics compilation!

Dancepush has learned that Star 69 Records is set to unveil a compilation series dedicated to its founder Peter Rauhofer.  The compilation will contain Peter Rauhofer originals as well as his remix work throughout all the [...]