: ' Pop Criminal'


Celebrating 3 Years of Dancepush with content from more than 80 internationally recognized artists such as:  Roni Iron, D-Unity, Itay Kalderon, Maya Simantov, D-Unity, Paul Vinitsky, Flash Brothers, Mitch lj, Luke Sky, Pop Criminal, Daniel Wanrooy, [...]

Exclusive Interview with The Flash Brothers!

The Flash Brothers composed of three brothers by the name of Ilan, Shmuel, and Reuven Flaishler, have had a significant contribution to the EDM scene in their native Israel and worldwide since their career began in [...]

Flash Brothers, Pop Criminal, Deepdisco Remix!

Deepdisco Remix of “Until Tomorrow” from Flash Brothers & Pop Criminal is out today exclusively on Beatport!  The release is in the House genre and offers a new style of sound from Germany’s Deepdisco duo.  Deepdisco [...]

Itay Kalderon & Ortega feat. Maya “Great Stuff” Part 2!

On Monday, June 10, Dancepush is poised to release “Great Stuff” remixes Part 2 from Itay Kalderon & Ortega and Maya Simantov!  The package will contain the never before released Original Mix, Justin Strikes, Phillip Charles, [...]

Itay Kalderon & Ortega feat. Maya “Great Stuff”

Exactly a week ago, Dancepush released a massive release from Itay Kalderon & Ortega featuring the lovely vocals of Maya Simantov.  The release by the name of “Great Stuff” has been remixed by:  Alex Kenji, Pete [...]

Itay Kalderon & Ortega feat. Maya “Great Stuff”

Israel’s Itay Kalderon & Zohar “Ortega” Bartov together with Maya Simantov are set to release their upcoming single on Dancepush by the name of “Great Stuff” with remixes from:  Alex Kenji, Pete Tha Zouk, Daniel Wanrooy, [...]