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Max Cartoux, Daniel Wanrooy, and Funkagenda do more remix work for Dancepush!

Max Cartoux, Daniel Wanrooy, and Funkagenda return to Dancepush with more remix work to Roni Iron & Dino Grand feat. Illeana “Lucid Dream”.  Roni Iron has not appeared on Dancepush for a number of years.  Last [...]

Spotify adds Pete Tha Zouk Remix to Fresh Electronic Playlist!

Spotify the global streaming giant of digital music added FMLYBND – Gold Necklace (Pete Tha Zouk Remix) to its Fresh Electronic Playlist.  The playlist has approximately 1.5 million followers. Dancepush released “Gold Necklace” Remixes from FMLYBND [...]

Gold Necklace Remixes OUT NOW!

Dancepush is proud to release another set of remixes to a FMLYBND original.  “Gold Necklace” Remixes from Pete Tha Zouk, Borderless, and Marco Rea & Frankie Mancuso are out at all good digital stores and streaming [...]

Dancepush secures license to remix FMLYBND “Gold Necklace”

Dancepush secured a license from FMLYBND in order to remix their original “Gold Necklace”.  Remixes from Pete Tha Zouk, Marco Rea & Frankie Mancuso, and Borderless are set to be released before the end of the [...]

Great Stuff Dave Rose Remix

Dancepush welcomes the latest Deep House remix from Dave Rose to Itay Kalderon, Ortega, and Maya Simantov’s “Great Stuff.”  Dave Rose first appeared on Dancepush with his remix of Roni Iron feat. Yalena “Amame” followed by [...]


Celebrating 3 Years of Dancepush with content from more than 80 internationally recognized artists such as:  Roni Iron, D-Unity, Itay Kalderon, Maya Simantov, D-Unity, Paul Vinitsky, Flash Brothers, Mitch lj, Luke Sky, Pop Criminal, Daniel Wanrooy, [...]

Mitch lj & Luke Sky feat. Jessica Ashley

Last week Dancepush dropped its first installment of a series of releases from Mitch lj & Luke Sky.  “The Way We Were” showcases a vocal from Jessica Ashley and composition from Jonny Rose.  Mitch lj first [...]

Butch & Amir – Set It Off (D-Unity Remix)

Dancepush is set to release an official remix from D-Unity to Butch & Amir “Set It Off” classic via a license from Great Stuff Recordings.  Butch has had an enormous influence in the Tech House and [...]


D-Unity’s Red Rain EP consists of 2 tracks in the Techno genre and is out exclusively at Beatport this week.  The release was made available Monday, August 18 and received a “staff pick” from Beatport in the [...]

Pete Tha Zouk “Kick This One” (DJ Center Records)

DJ Center Records is back with an action packed release from internationally recognized EDM personality,  Pete Tha Zouk!  Kick This One starts off with an energizing build up.  Sometime later a very catchy, anthem like melody [...]