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Alex Kenji and Jason Chance return to Dancepush with more remix work!

Alex Kenji and Jason Chance remixes to Daniel Wanrooy & Christina Loeb “All My Life” original are set to be released last Friday of April 2017.  Both Alex Kenji and Jason Chance appeared on Dancepush before. [...]

KISS Electric Weekend supports “All My Life”

Radio Kiss Finland supported Daniel Wanrooy & Cuesta Loeb “All My Life” (Extended Mix) in its March 11 Kiss Electric Weekend episode hosted by Alex Kunnari.  The episode had 29 tracks in total. End of April [...]

Dancepush signs content from Cuesta Loeb

Dancepush arranged a collaboration between California based Cuesta Loeb and Netherlands based Daniel Wanrooy.  The original production is expected to be released in early 2017.  Alex Kenji and Jason Chance will return to Dancepush in the [...]


Celebrating 3 Years of Dancepush with content from more than 80 internationally recognized artists such as:  Roni Iron, D-Unity, Itay Kalderon, Maya Simantov, D-Unity, Paul Vinitsky, Flash Brothers, Mitch lj, Luke Sky, Pop Criminal, Daniel Wanrooy, [...]

This Is Dancepush Vol. 1!

This Is Dancepush Vol. 1 is out today exclusively at Beatport!  The compilation showcases the best of Dancepush tracks ever since the inception of the label.  Track 1 starts with Jason Chance Licked Remix of Meital [...]

Dancepush Licenses Remix to Lucky 7 TV Series

Dancepush has licensed Meital De Razon “You You” (Jason Chance Licked Remix) to Episode 102 of the American drama television series Lucky 7 on the ABC television network (owned by The Walt Disney Company since 1996).  Lucky 7 is [...]

Jason Chance & Dave Rose “Let Me Show U” (Urbana)

“Let Me Show U” on Urbana Recordings is a fireworks of a combination where United Kingdom’s  Jason Chance meets New York’s Dave Rose.  These two house producers who have established a respected reputation in dance music [...]

Roger Sanchez Release Yourself ’13

Roger Sanchez is back with his annual Release Yourself series on his very own Stealth Records.  The mix compilation starts with “Echopraxia” from Rene Amesz.  “Echopraxia” exhibits percussive sounding house beats with vocals that say “…we [...]

Kevin Andrews & Jason Chance – Crack House

Kevin Andrews from the Hoxton Whores and Jason Chance team up to produce ‘Crack House’ on Stealth Records.  The track showcases male vocals with a groovy beat in the ‘Original Mix’ and some trippy elements.  An [...]