: ' Flash Brothers'


Celebrating 3 Years of Dancepush with content from more than 80 internationally recognized artists such as:  Roni Iron, D-Unity, Itay Kalderon, Maya Simantov, D-Unity, Paul Vinitsky, Flash Brothers, Mitch lj, Luke Sky, Pop Criminal, Daniel Wanrooy, [...]

Dancepush Mix Session Three OUT NOW!

Early this week Dancepush released the third installment to its Mix Session series.  Dancepush Mix Session Three contains a 1 hour plus mix from Russia’s Paul Vinitsky.  The track  selection contains 18 tracks from the likes [...]

Dancepush Mix Session Three!

Dancepush is set to release the third installment of the Dancepush Mix Session series.  Dancepush Mix Session Three will be mixed by Russia’s Paul Vinitsky.  The track selection will contain content from Meital De Razon, Lizzie [...]

This Is Dancepush Vol. 2 Compilation

This Is Dancepush Vol. 2 is out today at all good digital stores.  The compilation has content from:  Offer Nissim, Itay Kalderon & Ortega, Maya Simantov, Luca Ricci, Meital De Razon, Marco Rea & RU.DiJ, Frankie [...]

This Is Dancepush Vol. 1!

This Is Dancepush Vol. 1 is out today exclusively at Beatport!  The compilation showcases the best of Dancepush tracks ever since the inception of the label.  Track 1 starts with Jason Chance Licked Remix of Meital [...]

Exclusive Interview with The Flash Brothers!

The Flash Brothers composed of three brothers by the name of Ilan, Shmuel, and Reuven Flaishler, have had a significant contribution to the EDM scene in their native Israel and worldwide since their career began in [...]

Amame More Remixes!

On Monday, Dancepush released more remixes of “Amame” from Roni Iron & Yalena.  The package contains a remix from the highly respected Dave Rose, Niv Cohen, Asymmetric Soul & Adi Shabat, and Paul Vinitsky.  “Amame” received [...]

Flash Brothers, Pop Criminal, Deepdisco Remix!

Deepdisco Remix of “Until Tomorrow” from Flash Brothers & Pop Criminal is out today exclusively on Beatport!  The release is in the House genre and offers a new style of sound from Germany’s Deepdisco duo.  Deepdisco [...]