NEWS — 18 December 2013

Dancepush is proud to showcase a release from Netherlands Daniel Wanrooy and Canada’s Jordan Kaahn by the name of “Nothing To Lose.”  Daniel Wanrooy appeared on numerous of Tiesto’s “In Search of Sunrise” compilations and enjoys a string of other significant accomplishments in EDM.  Throughout his career Daniel Wanrooy has mostly appeared on Netherlands legendary Black Hole Recordings and other highly recognized labels.  In May 2013, Daniel Wanrooy appeared for the first time on Dancepush with his remix of Itay Kalderon & Ortega feat. Maya Simantov “Great Stuff.”  “Nothing To Lose” as a package contains remixes from Canada’s D-Unity, Israel’s Niv Cohen, Russia’s Paul Vinitsky,  Italy’s Marco Rea & RU.DiJ, and Frankie Mancuso.  The original mix of “Nothing To Lose” is in the Progressive House genre, D-Unity’s remix in the Techno, Niv Cohen’s remix in Electro House, Paul Vinitsky’s remix in Trance, and Marco Rea & RU.DiJ, Frankie Mancuso’s mix in the Deep House genre.  Make sure to check out this diverse package featuring the catchy vocals of Jordan Kaahn and stay tuned for Darkox Remixes of “Nothing To Lose” in early 2014.


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