Daniel Wanrooy & Darkox
By: Dancepush - 16 April 2015 - Comments Off

Netherland’s and internationally recognized dance music DJ/Producer Daniel Wanrooy has signed a second original production with Dancepush.  Daniel Wanrooy first appeared on Dancepush via his remix of Itay Kalderon & Ortega feat. Maya “Great [...]

Label Acquisition
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Dancepush has resumed negotiations to buyout an independent record label based in Rome, Italy.  If the deal executes, Dancepush expects to have greater leverage and influence in the Deep House genre.  The newly acquired label [...]

By: Dancepush - 10 February 2015 - Comments Off

Highly regarded French EDM  producer BoomriSe returns to Dancepush with his latest production by the name of MINOTAUR!  BoomriSe first appeared on the label with his track “Elephant” that managed to shake Beatport’s Electro House [...]

Great Stuff Dave Rose Remix
By: Dancepush - 10 February 2015 - Comments Off

Dancepush welcomes the latest Deep House remix from Dave Rose to Itay Kalderon, Ortega, and Maya Simantov’s “Great Stuff.”  Dave Rose first appeared on Dancepush with his remix of Roni Iron feat. Yalena “Amame” [...]

Dancepush Upgrade
By: Dancepush - 01 February 2015 - Comments Off

Dancepush is undergoing a massive system upgrade that will connect the label to the YouTube channel network with sound and visual fingerprinting.  At the time being all Dancepush content is down and not available [...]

By: Dancepush - 07 January 2015 - Comments Off

Dancepush will release another EP from Canada’s and internationally recognized Techno master D-Unity.  The WASUP EP will contain 2 tracks.   In the Techno genre D-Unity has been at the forefront for Dancepush.  His track [...]

New Distribution
By: Dancepush - 02 January 2015 - Comments Off

Effective end of January 2015, content from Dancepush will be distributed in hundreds of additional digital stores and automatically be pitched to music supervisors of films, TV shows with other television programming.  The label [...]

Label Acquisition
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Dancepush has entered into negotiations to acquire a Deep House record label based in Italy.  The price has been tentatively agreed between the parties with a number of details yet to be resolved.  If the [...]

Meital De Razon “End To Start”
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Meital De Razon released her debut album “End To Start” on iTunes today.  A limited number of physical copies of the album were made available in her native Israel some months before today’s digital release. [...]

Mauro Picotto opens with Midnight Sex Stories!
By: Dancepush - 31 December 2014 - Comments Off

Highly regarded Italian dance music producer Mauro Picotto opened his Alchemy 10 Podcast with a track from Dancepush’s catalog.  D-Unity “Midnight Sex Stories” is heard at the outset of Alchemy Episode 10 while Mauro Picotto is [...]