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Dancepush will release another EP from Canada’s and internationally recognized Techno master D-Unity.  The WASUP EP will contain 2 tracks.   In the Techno genre D-Unity has been at the forefront for Dancepush.  His track [...]

New Distribution
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Effective end of January 2015, content from Dancepush will be distributed in hundreds of additional digital stores and automatically be pitched to music supervisors of films, TV shows with other television programming.  The label [...]

Label Acquisition
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Dancepush has entered into negotiations to acquire a Deep House record label based in Italy.  The price has been tentatively agreed between the parties with a number of details yet to be resolved.  If the [...]

Meital De Razon “End To Start”
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Meital De Razon released her debut album “End To Start” on iTunes today.  A limited number of physical copies of the album were made available in her native Israel some months before today’s digital release. [...]

Mauro Picotto opens with Midnight Sex Stories!
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Highly regarded Italian dance music producer Mauro Picotto opened his Alchemy 10 Podcast with a track from Dancepush’s catalog.  D-Unity “Midnight Sex Stories” is heard at the outset of Alchemy Episode 10 while Mauro Picotto is [...]

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Celebrating 3 Years of Dancepush with content from more than 80 internationally recognized artists such as:  Roni Iron, D-Unity, Itay Kalderon, Maya Simantov, D-Unity, Paul Vinitsky, Flash Brothers, Mitch lj, Luke Sky, Pop Criminal, [...]

D-Unity –  Jet Lag
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Dancepush is poised to close the year 2014 with its 28th release on Monday, December 8.  The release is from Canada’s and internationally recognized Techno master D-Unity.  In November 2014 D-Unity’s release “Midnight Sex [...]

Techno Top 100 Chart!
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D-Unity “Midnight Sex Stories” entered Beatport’s Techno Top 100 chart at #97 on Saturday, November 15 and has progressed 26 spots to #71 on Sunday, November 16.  The release has been supported by Ant [...]

Rashid Ajami – Darya (Eklektisch)
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We are a bit late with reviewing this gem of a release from Rashid Ajami on the label Eklektisch that was released all the way back in September.  Nonetheless, it is worth the attention [...]

Recondite LEVO EP (Innervisions)
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Innervisions released a noteworthy EP from Recondite by the name of “LEVO.”  The “LEVO” EP consists of 2 Deep House tracks:  Levo, and Garbo.  Track 1, Levo (Club Edit) has a dub feel with [...]